Safe Sex With High Class Escorts


When you hire an escort, in most cases, the payment of the services may include sex though it does don mean the right to sex. Despite choosing to be with you during your business trip as their client, an escort can still have sex with you. If you are the kind who do not want to have sex with an escort but still, need their service, which is still fine. Most escorts are trained to practice safe sex with most of them using condoms for vaginal, oral, and anal sex. Therefore, you need to know how to use a condom and when to use if you want to have safe sex with an escort. However, safe sex does not just mean using a condom how it should be used. It is when you and the escort feel secure, comfortable and safe about the whole encounter. Though this differs from one person to another, here are some examples of safe sex.

• Going the finger way

One of the hot and sexiest encounters you can have with an escort is using fingers to stimulate each other. For a great experience if you both have the nails freshly manicure so that the touching and stimulating experience can be great. Ensure your nails are manicured so that you do not hurt the escorts’ vagina. Ensure that your fingers are always clean even when you switch between vaginal and anal contact and use lube when needed. As such, make sure that both of you are being careful and more so hygienic.

• Dry Humping

To have the best of safe sex, consider rubbing your naked bodies onto each other. In fact, this can be very arousing. You can also go ahead and rub your genitals near the escort’s vagina and make sure this feels comfortable to both of you. As you do this, try and control yourself and don’t slip in without protection. Such kind of fun requires you to be in a condom and make sure you don’t ruin the mood.

• French kissing

You can consider French kissing as a way of practicing safe sex and giving room for the girlfriend experience which most escorts prefer. To have the best experience in this, both of you should have your teeth looking clean, smelling fresh, the bed well made, and your mouth well-kept to avoid catching cold sores. Ensure there’s no cut from shaving or pimples. Refrain from kissing an escort with pimples around her mouth, as this can actually be a form of Herpes.

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